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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Ceiling Fans In Your Home?

While air conditioning is an effective way to cool your home, these systems have some downsides. If you're looking for a simple but benefit-rich alternative, you can ask your electrician to install ceiling fans in one or more rooms. Why should you do this?

Low-Cost Cooling

If you install an air conditioning system, then you have to pay for the system and its installation. You have to cover your running costs. Even small air conditioning units might use a lot of power to create cooled air. Plus, over time, you'll have to cover maintenance, repair and servicing costs.

If you go for ceiling fans, then your costs will be reduced. They are a lot cheaper than air conditioning systems. They also use very little power in comparison. So, they are cheaper to run.

While you'll have to have a ceiling fan installed by a qualified electrician, this is typically cheaper than the costs of an air conditioning installation. Once your electrician has set up your fans, you shouldn't have any maintenance costs after that.

For example, ceiling fans don't need to be serviced. They tend to run reliably with very few breakdowns. The most work you'll need to do on the average fan is to keep it clean.

Greener Cooling

Air conditioning systems aren't always good for the environment, especially if you use older units. For example, cooling agents can add to greenhouse gas loads or damage the ozone layer. Plus, you have to use a lot of energy to run a system in the first place.

Ceiling fans simply need a basic electrical supply to work. They don't release any harmful substances and use less energy, as well as give more environmentally-friendly cooling.

Help With Heating

While you might think that you won't use a ceiling fan outside of the summer months, some ceiling fans are also useful in winter. They can help you heat your home as well as cool it.

Basically, your fan needs to have reversible blades for this to work. On their regular summer setting, fan blades will pull hot air up and blow cool air down into the room. If you can reverse their rotational direction, then they are able to pull cold air up and push hot air down.

This option is useful in cold weather when you have your heating turned on. The fan will push warmed air down into the room rather than letting it settle up at ceiling level. This keeps more of the room warmer for longer.

For more advice, contact an electrician about ceiling fan installation. They can help you choose the right fans for your rooms and install them safely for you.