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Predominant Issues That Necessitate the Enlisting Antenna Repairs

After a long day at work, you likely want to get home, settle in on your couch with some food and turn on the TV to enjoy your favourite shows. So if you turn on the television and all you get is a choppy signal or, worse yet, no picture or audio, it can cause you a considerable amount of frustration. Yet, antenna problems are not unusual. In fact, until they happen to you, you may be unaware of how commonplace they are. While some of these issues are easy to diagnose and will need straightforward repairs from an electrician, others may need replacement of various parts or the antenna in its entirety. To help you determine what you could be dealing with, here are some of the predominant issues that necessitate the enlisting of antenna repairs.

The TV antenna cable exhibits signs of deterioration

Although there are various reasons why your TV can experience problems with reception or, worse yet, lose it completely, the leading culprit is damage to the antenna cable. Over time, the protective casing will degrade, exposing the cable encased inside to moisture, dirt and a wide range of other pollutants. In some scenarios, you may find that reception is getting progressively worse, whereas, in others, this problem may seem spontaneous. Whatever the case, degradation in signal quality should not be taken lightly. A reputable electrician will replace the damaged cable and restore signal in your TV.

The fly lead is bent, detached or completely broken

If the cable seems to be in good enough position, your TV antenna problems could be stemming from the fly lead. This component is what transfers signal from the antenna to the television so one end is plugged into the wall outlet and the other into your TV. Rough handling is one of the more common causes of fly lead damage; perhaps if you were fiddling with this component in an attempt to try and restore reception to your TV when your antenna issue began. However, the fly lead can also bend or detach itself from its cable if someone else was previously tampering with it. Fortunately, replacing a fly lead is neither complicated nor is it expensive. Your electrician will simply purchase another cable and this should restore the antenna's signal.

The antenna's wall outlet is compromised

When the fly lead is intact and so is the antenna cable, the culprit for signal problems could be the wall outlet. Normal wear will usually catch up with the wall outlet over time causing the internal connector to loosen and this affects signal reception. You should also note that improper TV antenna installation will also lead to outlet issues, particularly if the cable was not fitted snugly. Professional antenna repairs will not only remedy this problem but the electrician will ensure the antenna cable fits correctly to prevent future problems.

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