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When to Call an Electrician to Fix Your Electric Hot Water System

It's obvious you have a problem with your electric hot water system, but who should you call – a plumber or an electrician?

As a homeowner, you don't want to waste time and money calling for the wrong professional. While a licensed and experienced hot water plumber can fix virtually any water heater issue, some problems require an electrician instead of a plumber to deal with correctly. 

Call an electrician if you experience the following problems with your water heater.

1. Hot water system trips the circuit breaker

Does the circuit breaker for your hot water unit keep tripping and won't stay on when you turn it back on? The circuit breaker connected to your water heater is designed to protect the appliance if there's an overload or short circuit within the electrical circuit.

There are a variety of reasons why the breaker may be tripped by your water heater. Some common explanations include:

No matter where the fault lies, an electrician will find it and fix your tripping water heater breaker.

2. Loose wiring in the water heater system

An electric water heater relies on wiring connections to deliver electricity to its various electric components. If there's a loose wire within the unit, its reset button will trip, cutting off your hot water supply.

In such situations, your hot water supply can be restored by fixing any loose wiring to ensure the proper flow of current within the water heater unit.

3. Water heater fuse box overheats

Is your water heater fuse box hot? Is it producing a burning smell? 

A burning or overheating fuse box is never a good sign and it often points to a problem with your home's electrical system. It is likely that the fuse box is shorting due to one or more loose connections. All connections in the fuse will need to be checked to rule out this possibility.

If the fuse is burnt too much, it will need to be replaced with a new one. 

Electricity is dangerous and can even cause death through electrocution. All water heater issues that require an electrician should be left for the pros to handle. A qualified electrician can diagnose your specific water heater problems and make the necessary repairs so you can get back to enjoying those hot morning or evening showers you love so much.

For more information on repairing hot water systems, reach out to a local electrician.