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5 Signs Its Time to Call an Emergency Electrician

Electrical problems can be frustrating not to mention dangerous. Fortunately, some electrical problems are quite easy to resolve with the help of a professional electrician. Some electrical problems, however, should never be left unattended. You may not have the luxury of time. When you notice any of these signs, you need to call an emergency electrician to ensure your safety and that of your home. Continue reading for signs that you need the services of an emergency electrician

Your Electrical Outlets Have Come Into Contact With Water

Water and electricity are two things that should never come into contact. However, some situations are simply unavoidable. For instance, if your home floods, or if you have a leaking roof, your priority should be to keep everyone safe. You shouldn't touch the water and you shouldn't use any electrical equipment, including lights. If your outlets are damaged by water, you need a professional to assess them immediately. 

You Get an Electric Shock From an Outlet or Appliance

If you experience an electric shock from simply touching an electrical appliance or attempting to connect an appliance to an outlet, you should take this seriously. The only time an electrical appliance shocks you, is if the intended pathway of the currents is damaged or broken. This means that the currents are trying to use your body as a means to grounding themselves. Ensure your safety by calling an emergency electrician to inspect it before it causes more harm.

You See Brownish Marks Around Outlets

If you notice a blackened or brownish outlet, it may be a sign that your outlets are overloaded. The excessive heat may result in burnt wiring, which could cause a house fire. To be safe, ensure you call an electrician immediately. 

You Notice Sparks in Your Outlets

If you try to connect an appliance to an outlet and notice sparks, this is a sign of potential danger. The parks could easily cause a fire in your home. Ensure that you call an electrician immediately. In the meantime, abandon that outlet until the electrician has cleared it for use. 

You Notice a Burning Smell

If you're not cooking anything in our home yet there's a consistent burning smell, you need to call an emergency electrician. It could be a sign that some wires in the walls are damaged, which can potentially lead to a house fire. Turn off the power in that part of the house if it's safe to do so, or call an emergency electrician.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, ensure you are alert to your electrical system. Picking up on electrical warning signs can save lives and property.