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These Tips will Help You Properly Maintain Your Rotating Electrical Equipment

Rotating electrical equipment is essential both in the home and in industries. Some of the electrical tools which contain rotating motors include generators, blowers, pumps, and gearboxes, among others. When the rotating electrical machine is in the right working condition, you will run the electrical or industrial process smoothly. On the other hand, if the rotating tool gets damaged during work, you will have to deal with complications such as downtime, loss of trust from your clients, and financial losses. It is advisable to capitalise on the maintenance of these tools, as opposed to waiting for damages to happen so that you can do repairs. Here are three tips to help you with tool maintenance. 

The Importance of Visual Inspection

Make it a regular practice to inspect your equipment visually at all times. You can perform a visual inspection of the interior of a particular electrical tool by simply removing the cover and assessing the parts for damage. If there is no visible damage, you can move to the next step, which is inspecting the part with a fiberscope. The fiberscope is mainly supposed to pick out those small mechanical issues the rotating machine might be developing, and which most of the time, end up destroying the device.

Inspecting the Bearing Metal Colour

Another tell-tale sign that the bearing metal is not working as it should is when the colour of the bearing metal starts changing. Changes in the bearing metal colour are an indication that the device is undergoing a lot of strain, tear and wear. It could also be evidence that the device has suffered corrosive damage. Only a professional will assess the colour change and determine the type of damage and how you can fix it. 

Cleaning the Air Cooler

The condition of the air cooler often determines the overall health of the rotating electrical machine. When the cooler has accumulated dust and other debris, it stops working as it should. This leads to pressure resistance problems. A professional will check the condition of the air cooler, remove any impurities, and then carry out a water pressure test to determine whether the effectiveness of the device has been restored. 

The carbon brush is the other part of the rotating electrical device that might need routine maintenance.  The conditions under which the equipment is operating also determine how it works. It is advisable always to invite a professional when systems are acting up, and you suspect they may need maintenance. 

For more information on electrical rotating machinery, reach out to a local electrician.