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Why You Should Upgrade Your Lighting Installation

There is more pressure than ever these days to save energy throughout commercial operations. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint any additional areas for such savings, and the facility manager may have run out of ideas to both save money and assuage the environmentalists. In this case, however, they may have overlooked one crucial job that, while it may call for some investment up-front, could yield big dividends in the future. Where should they turn their attention?

Lighting Decisions

In a facility that has a particularly large footprint, lighting can represent the lion's share of that monthly energy bill. A supermarket or a large warehouse will, for example, have dozens of overhead lighting installations, and many of these may be based on old-fashioned and more costly technology.

Time for a Retrofit

In this case, it's a good idea to think about replacing every single part of your lighting system with a commercial electrician and an experienced lighting designer. They will take a look at what you have and will calculate the luminosity of the space to determine if you could cut down on the overall number of installations and fit state-of-the-art systems instead.

Once they have determined what you have right now, they will be able to calculate your potential savings quite quickly. They will also help you to look at the electrical installation from a big-picture perspective and, if necessary, arrange to upgrade it.

Lower Tariffs

When you combine a complete lighting retrofit with an upgrade to your installation, you may well be able to take advantage of better tariffs offered by the utility companies. Up until now, this type of offer may have been beyond your reach simply because the savings involved would only work if the interior system was modern and responsive.

Additional Savings

Further, the electrician will be able to add state-of-the-art control systems, and you will be able to program your use of energy according to your actual needs instead. These controllers may turn down certain lights at specific times of the day based on footfall, usage or demand, and this should help to provide additional savings in the long run.

Begin your journey to better energy efficiency by talking with an electrician today. Together, they will be able to estimate your future savings, and you will be able to compare these to your current bill so that you can justify the initial investment.